Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm not dead

Just really, really busy. I still have snark that needs outing, never fear.

On a more important topic, it's Valor-IT time! And in memory of Dear Old Dad, and because I root for the underdog, I am backing the Air Force team. I expect all loyal members of the SnarkaTribe to at least *consider* donating. It's easy! It builds massive amounts of karma points! It involves computers that understand voice commands just like in Star Trek! (Sexy female response voice not included).

Seriously, hospitals are no fun-- a constant round of pain and boredom. When you have suddenly gone from being active, physical, and in command to not even being able to send an email on your own, it's even worse. Give these guys and gals the means to connect back to their buddies, their lives, their families while they heal up.


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