Saturday, September 19, 2009

AVAST! Ye Scurvy Dogs, the lot o' ye!

It's Talk Like A Pirate Day! Further proof of the great superiority pirates have over ninjas, since you can't talk like a ninja, CAN YOU? You can't.

Ooo, and Cap'n Slappy and co. have a book out, too! And what's this Pirate News Network thingy?

UPDATE: Also! Man kan auf Deutsch Piratikal sprechen!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh. German pirate slang is the best, "Deutsche Piratensprache ist die bester" or something like that.

Yarrr! (Jarrr?)

The Jinxmedic

8:27 AM, September 21, 2009  
Anonymous BillT said...

"Awwwwwwk! Polly wollen cräcker!"

11:08 PM, September 21, 2009  

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