Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday Funnies

-Schlock Mercenary Lieutenants that change the rules *during* the engagement do not get cookie.
-TwoLumps A firewall is neither fire nor a wall.
-Girl Genius Tarvek is changing colors in an interesting way. Also unhealthy way.
-No Need For Bushido Ina is feeling the responsibility of command. Yori moves in for "support". Non-canon Ken story Monday.
-Dresden Codak You're a Good Man, Charles Darwin.
-Lackadaisy I sorta forgot to mention FOUR new pages. Sorry. That brain cell has been sacked.
-NEW COMIC! Digger, the very strange epic of a dead god (yes really) and a lost wombat. Who doesn't really hold with gods, or magic. And her pet baby demon.

Not Updated, fie!
-My Ninja Family
-Gone with the Blastwave


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