Friday, August 07, 2009

Submitted for your consideration

The following is an excerpt from a candidate's statement from the Snohomish County voter's pamphlet, for the August primary election.

Instead of the U.S. government bailing out banks by giving them cash, they can support the people. The homeowners in America should be able to refinance their mortgage loan with the government.

The government would let anyone refinance their home at 1% (no cash out). Whatever is owed on the property gets paid off. The owner cannot get a second. (sic)

The position this candidate is running for? Commissioner of the local water and sewage district.

Sigh. I don't *want* to be a witness to the end of civilization ....


Anonymous BillT said...

Should said candidate win the election, I predict boom times for welldiggers and septic field planners.

After the cholera epidemic runs its course, wait for the smell to die down, then stake your claim...

7:04 AM, August 08, 2009  

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