Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Snarkatron Preditcts

There is one thing, I believe, everyone regardless of party can agree on. Thank Ghu the election is over. What a splendid display of sausagemaking. I only hope it does not discourage any nascent democracies. Yeah, I am not happy with pretty much any of this election. Here's what I think is going to happen now that we've immanetized the eschaton:

1) Silly Americans. Of *course* we still have racism! The goalposts have just been moved. You watch. Jackson, Rangel, et al. have a very lucrative racket and don't want little things like reality getting between them and their cash flow. Plus racism has been very good to the Democrats.

2) We are definitely getting a recession, good and hard. It will last a year or more. I will be cutting my discretionary spending to the bone now and I suspect others will too, so recovery will be slow.

3) Russia will attempt to take over Georgia (again) and invade Ukraine.

4) Iran will push the confrontation envelope in the Straights of Hormuz to the point where lives are lost. Anybody's guess what happens after that.

5) I will experience a period of unemployment during the Obama administration, due to #2.

6) For the first time since the War on Terror started, the military will badly miss retention and recruitment goals.

7) My taxes will go up.

8) Democrats will still find a way to step on their cranks and blame someone, anyone but themselves.

I am greatly cheered in these dark times by thoughts of the supreme incompetence of the current Congress. Plus, I don't think the Obama voters realize exactly who they voted in as Leader of the Free World. No, I'm not saying Obama is really a methane breather from Rigel. He's someone who gets rather flustered when his teleprompter goes on the blink. Who took days to decide what he thought about Russia invading Georgia. Whose one public act we know about was selecting JOE BIDEN, the human dial tone, as his vice-president. Obama has as much structural integrity as those styrofoam Greek columns. He has finally reached a position where he HAS to make decisions and take action, and I suspect he's going to choke, massively, and rely on a huge cadre of advisors. One of them is going to become eminence grise' ... and that person is the one who will really be in charge. So watch who hangs around the White House in the coming years.

I remember the first Carter administration. I didn't like it, butI didn't have anything to lose then. Now I do. When I said I was cutting back on discretionary spending, I will make one exception. I think it is time I joined the NRA.


For some thoughtful, non-panicked takes on recent events, Snarkatron recommends Varifrank, and Steven den Beste.


Anonymous BillT said...

Prediction: Iran will announce it has a nuclear device, and may make the announcement coincident with the detonation of said device.

Prediction: Obie will call in all 300 foreign policy advisers to weigh the merits of the two options he will have:

1. defecate

2. go blind

1:10 PM, November 06, 2008  

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