Thursday, October 16, 2008

Unintended consequences

Dear Representative Jay Inslee;
Thank you for your amusing letter of October 14. I will admit, I was surprised to see an envelope bearing the return address of an Idaho politician in my Washington mailbox, but all was explained when I opened it to discover you were so confident in your own re-election you decided to raise funds for someone in a completely different state. I suppose it is my own fault you have my address. I made the mistake of thinking you represented me, years ago, and contacted you to point out your support of Vast Quantities of H1-B visas was not such a hot idea when folks like me, with government-sponsored degrees, couldn't find work because of them. You ignored every word I wrote but happily stuffed my name and address into your database.

You ignorant, effluent cheese-whistle. Every time you send one of your smarmy communications I just get more angry with you. I wouldn't send this buddy of yours in Idaho a used kleenex, let alone cash. Why on earth would I want MORE people like you in power?

Funny thing --I got a letter from the McCain-Palin campaign the same day. Nice and polite, it was. They haven't sold my address to anybody else, either. You will doubtless be displeased to know I sent them money instead. Mostly because I was mad at you.

Sincerely hoping you will soon have plenty of time to spend with your stamp collection, I remain, your most irritated constituent,



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