Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some random Snarks

-Not really a snark, but a cool news item: Unrolling scotch tape emits X-rays! Don't worry, they get that part of the science right -- x-rays don't travel in air very far at all. And if you are in a vacuum, x-rays are the least of your worries.
-The real reason why Joe the Plumber offends the delicate sensibilities of Obama et al.: See, Michelle Obama, with multiple degrees and all the right opinions, is earning 300K. Therefore some uppity white male blue-collar type, who probably doesn't even like arugula, can't POSSIBLY earn 250K. It would be a violation of ... of everything! It's not FAIR! He shouldn't even think it is possible, or try.
-Burn After Reading: Any movie that features Brad Pitt getting shot (messily) in the head is a Good Thing. Plus, the rest of the movie is funny too.


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