Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Funnies

- NEW COMIC! Lawn Darts, the adventures of some Army hellaflopper types in the Sandbox.
- Girl Genius has woken something in the ancient city of the Heterodynes ...
- Two Lumps: how low IQ and fireflies can make an interesting toy
- I really wish Gone with the Blastwave would update, and the artist of Dresden Codak had an unfortunate bicycle accident. The nerve of these people, to think of their own lives instead of entertaining me!


Anonymous John of Argghhh! said...

Ooooo. Thank you for pointing out Lawn Darts.

What, you can't tell me via email?

Or post it over at the Castle even?

Like, I'm supposed to hang out here waiting for your weekly post?

;^ )

1:45 PM, August 01, 2008  
Anonymous BillT said...

Hah! There hasn't been a decent Army aviation cartoon since Bob Snead took up doing caricatures at Fiddler's Green...

3:00 PM, August 01, 2008  
Anonymous John of Argghhh! said...


10:32 AM, August 02, 2008  

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