Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mysterious incidents

This is a foxglove plant in my yard. ONE foxglove plant. Looks like the minions forgot to close the shielding on the reactor in the basement again. Look, guys, if the cats develop thumbs all damage is coming out of your pay, okay?

Next item. I went to two different hardware stores, one a "big box" chain, in search of 80 grit 3"x21" sanding belts. Guess what was the *only* size sanding belt that was sold out, both places? Why? (I know why *I* needed that kind ...)

And lastly ... we had a thunderstorm. It started roughly around 3am this morning, and continued THROUGH NOON. We hardly ever get thunderstorms here, at all. This was an epic, pack-a-lunch storm. My question is, whose weather did we get by mistake and can we switch now?


Blogger Barb said...

Heck - if it didn't start till 3 am at your place, you missed the best part! It started last night at my house, and at 1am we were awakened by the loudest thunder - rumbling right over us at the same time as the lightening flashing. I was certain that I'd find a smoking hole in the roof when I left for work.

9:48 PM, July 03, 2008  
Anonymous BillT said...

That's not a foxglove -- it's a triffid!

12:42 PM, July 04, 2008  

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