Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Silly Season observations

- Here in the soggy corner of the map the liberals are out, loud, and proud. So why am I seeing so few signs for Obama, Hope of the Nation? Hardly any bumperstickers either. Maybe my memory is going, but I recall a lot more Kerry/Edwards ephemera last presidential election. Plus some rather extreme vandalism of Bush signs. McCain supporters have cleverly avoided that by not putting up any signs at all. Ron Paul, on the other hand, is supported by people who aren't aware he dropped out of the race, and we all appreciate knowing who they are so we can avoid them.
-The Washington State governor's race is a rematch, and apparently grudges are held on both sides since the last election was won (by Gregoire, Democrat) by a wafer-thin margin of 129 votes after two recounts. Rossi, the challenger, is understandably peeved about the last election, but Gregoire seems to be supported by people who think it is rude for Rossi to even think about running. There is a radio ad in heavy rotation here that, if I were prone to conspiracy theories, would think was a false-flag operation by the Rossi campaign--it is that bad. Not only does it manage to be stuffed full of factual errors, the chorus is "just like George Bush". You know, evil incarnate? On the other hand if grade-school taunts are the best argument Gregoire's supporters can come up with, Rossi should win easily.


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