Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday Funnies (and Movie Review!)

-Further adventures of Lackadaisy's rum-running cats
-Dresden Codak has robot flowers
-Two Lumps reveals the plot for kittens to take over the world
-Schlock Mercenary encounters a pompous reporter
-Girl Genius discovers architecture with mental issues


Spoilers ahead! Run away if you don't want to know.

There's been a great deal of pontificating on how Wall-E is all eco-freaky and gloomy and otherwise the usual Hollywood pablum. I have no use for the crunchy granolas myself, and I really enjoyed this movie. First off, I am a writer in my spare time. There is this concept in FICTION called a premise. It does not have to make sense. Good fiction does make consistent use of this initial premise, but it could be absolutely asinine. For example, falling down a rabbit hole which leads to promiscuous mushroom eating, conversing with decks of cards, and singing walruses. We all know that given the size of your standard English little girl and your standard English rabbit hole, the premise is a bunch of hooey, but look what you get if you pretend it isn't!

The premise leading up to the world of Wall-E is also hooey. I am over forty years old and I vividly recall all kinds of gloomy, we-are-polluting-the-world-to-death propaganda in grade school, back in the Precambrian (remember the weeping Indian of Italian ancestry?). There was a great deal of hot air about "stewardship" of the planet before then. Currently, Al Gore can't shut up about how everything bad that happens is caused by humans and their private jets and their giant heated pools (oops, that's *him*. Those are fine. But you with your ordinary car and your penchant for not freezing in winter? Gaia-raper!) Ergo, I can't believe, even if force-fed gallons of mind-altering substances, that the planet surrounded by and infested with garbage would happen. Unless there was a tragic accident in a bio-lab and the busybody gene was eradicated from the human race ...

Now there was a bit with the corporate president speaking from a podium and background that looked remarkably like the Presidential seal, but it was clear (to me, anyway) that it was corporate. If this movie had come out later I would have taken it as a dig at the Obama-seal controversy. Yes the people had turned into blobs, but that makes their willingness to change even more remarkable. Clearly, the evil auto-pilot is related to the MSM -- don't think for yourself, just believe what I tell you, let's stay out here in the Oort cloud where I am in control instead of going back to Earth. You might fail! It's hard! It involves work! Stay here and be a blob and let the government provide All!

Anyway, enough politics. I loved the mob of rogue robots, and the indestructible cockroach buddy, the kamikaze floor-scrubber, and especially the short comic before the movie started. Maybe if Pixar continues the trend, we'll get back to newsreels and serial episodes too!


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