Thursday, April 12, 2007

Persistance of Memory

Way back in the mists of time ... OK, last fall, I arranged for a chimney-ectomy on my house because of these guys. Raccoons are all well and good but not living *with* me, you understand.

Recently I was annoyed and perturbed to hear clear signs of something critter-like on my roof, digging and prying at the shingles. I checked the attic, it was empty. But early this morning, who should I see on the roof but Momma Raccoon, an expression on her face that clearly said "I KNOW that chimney was here, they can't just walk away! Where am I going to raise my babies now? It was ideal! View, convienient to shopping, safe for the kids ... This is horrible!"

I do sympathize. Finding housing in the Seattle-metro area is a right pain in the gluteal region.


Blogger Barb said...

Finding "reasonably priced" real-estate is an even bigger challenge ;-)

I'm glad to hear that your eviction notice worked. Hope she doesn't find a different way in!

1:52 PM, April 12, 2007  
Anonymous BillT said...

I probably shouldn't tell you this, but the raccoons were probably holding down that infestation of saber-toothed voles in the insulation.

Wait'll they find out the rackety coon is gone. Then you'll start hearing their faint, almost-inaudible rustlings in the fiberglass, sort of like the--

Ooooh, yeah, just like *that* sound...

3:49 PM, April 12, 2007  
Blogger I am Heidi's Mom. said...

I can't believe they are back. The nerve.

Perhaps they could contact HUD for an application to the Housing Choice Voucher Program? If they are eligable, a housing subsidy would be paid directly to the landlord (that would be you) or they could use the voucher and BUY themselves a modest home.

Are the raccoons US Citizens? How many babies are there? What are the family's assets?

It's something to consider.

10:51 AM, April 13, 2007  

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