Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stupid Terrorists

Every now and then I read breathless commentary (it usually is comments, and not actual blog posts) about how the terrorists are so clever and completely in control of the media, are playing us like violins, etc. I'm not convinced. Anybody remember the first WTC attempt? The geniuses that tried to get their deposit back on the rental truck they used for their bomb? Even the most whacked-out local criminal knows better than that. And then you had the 9-11 guys, who were in flight school but a) were noticably not interested in learning the landing bits and b) were noticably typically Arab to women at the school. Now we have someone who wants to get a hazmat transport license but didn't want to learn how to back up the truck. You'd think they would know by now, we haven't exactly been hiding these stories and the breathless black-helicopter-UN-gonna-GET-you types assure us the morning routine for Al Qaeda is to read the New York Times in unison. So what we got here is a basic failure to comprehend a different culture--you know, the thing the liberals and Europeans always accuse us of--and it gives me comfort in difficult times. These bozos have had years to figure out that yes, Westerners really do consider women fully human, and yes, we do expect someone who shows up to drive a truck wants to drive a truck for longer than it takes to blow one up, and yet they keep making the same dumb mistakes. They show a consistent inability to think in a different way even if that's the only way to remain hidden and succeed in their attack. That's what an ossifying culture will do for you, and since they can't change that without risking other dangerous changes and letting in the evil forces of Micky Mouse and uncovered meat in general they don't dare. Bwahahaha.


Anonymous Trias said...

I far prefer stupid terrorists to smart ones.

10:17 AM, December 13, 2006  
Blogger Barb said...

Indeed - it is comforting to know that many are that stupid. However, the smart ones are the ones we won't be reading about, and I would rather not die by underestimating.

12:10 PM, December 13, 2006  

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