Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Quagmire of France

(Shamelessly lifted from the fascinating Gateway Pundit)

Now isn't this interesting? Looks like you are more likely to get hurt being a French policeman than by being one of the evil puppy-kicking oppressors of the noble Iraqi insurgents (who only kill Iraqi kids because they care.) Yes, yes, all you eager moonbats in the back waving your hands in the air and making OO! OO! noises like a tribe of howler monkeys -- yes, I know none of the gendarmes has been killed. Yet. But don't you think it is interesting that police, in their own country, allegedly dealing with their own people with similar customs and language and so-on, are more likely to be hurt than US soldiers who admittedly invaded a country so completely different from their own? Gee. Maybe the inhabitants of the banlieus hate "their own" police more than the Iraqis hate American soldiers. Maybe those poor police get sent into a combat situation with no armor, no rational rules of engagement, and no backup or air cover. Somebody is certainly hurting a lot of them. And the French government is allowing this to happen. I'm glad we take better care of our soldiers in war than the French do their police in time of peace, but this is ridiculous.


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