Sunday, March 26, 2006

Comics to get through the week with

With the advent of web comics, the only thing a regular dead-tree newspaper is good for is cleaning windows. Here's a selection to try, featuring one that I can claim partial credit for (since I bribed Sgt. B for a Snarkatron drawing, little knowing he'd, er, take it and run. ALWAYS know where your weapon is pointing and what the backstop is. Wisdom that is not restricted to guns, I say.)

Sgt. Remington : I have been assured by the author that the epynomous character will be making an appearance soon. Meanwhile, the Castle and Denizens are being brought to demented life.

Schlock Mercenary
: Continuing the military theme, the adventures of a silicon-based amorph and a crew of space mercenaries.

Day by Day: Of course.

Girl Genius: Airships! Giant Robots! Huge Devices with Blinkenlights! Mad Science! (if the current story is too confusing, start with GG 101 instead.)

Radioactive Panda: Because the only thing better than Mad Science is MORE Mad Science!


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