Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Idle Snarkage

1) The nicest thing the UN could do to commemorate Women's Day is to not rape any of them. I know, a lot to ask. How about not videotaping raping them?
2) During the current obesity crisis, clothing designers are requested to immediately cease and desist from perpetrating bare-midriff fashions. Thank you for your consideration.
3) The laws of Physics are enforced 24/7, punishment exacted immediately on the occasion of the infraction, and no consideration is given to color, gender, sexual orientation, political party, "feelings", fairness, stare decisis, bribery, species, or whether or not you were informed it would be on the quiz. I love science .....
4) Anybody who tells me I am a selfish, hedonistic person for not having children gets put last on the list of those I will do emergency babysitting for. Considering my evil nature, I am being considerate of society at large by failing to contribute to the gene pool.
5) Can I find a courageous politician willing to sponsor a bill that would allow recipients of unwanted telemarketing calls to send an invoice for time spent? My hourly rate is ... not cheap. And I have a chocolate habit to keep up.
6) Science and math should be required for graduation for all students not because we are sadistic, or because we want more science geeks, but because we live in a highly technology-dependent society and the little blighters need to be able to understand enough science to vote intelligently when the subject comes up. Enough math to be able to balance a checkbook would be nice too, even if it disqualifies them for running for Congress.


Anonymous April said...

I'm with you right up to the increased math and science requirements.

Even in a high-tech world, algebra and geometry are enough for the brain activity, and forcing more will not increase interest in these areas. Those students who like math and science will continue to take more, and be our techies.

However. I WOULD like to see a requirement added of basic accounting and basic economics. A single economics class changed my entire understanding of the world and international interaction. I think it would help make our children better citizens.

12:25 PM, March 09, 2006  
Blogger John of Argghhh! said...

No longer needing babysitter services, *I* will note that, absent pejorative intent, you *are* hedonistic and selfish, in that Evil Overlord kinda way.

I could use some *housesitter* services while traveling however.

I assume I'm still eligible for that...

1:28 PM, March 10, 2006  

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