Friday, June 10, 2005

Questions I'd like answered

By now everyone has had a chance to notice that the Media seems to be a charter member of the Koranic Anti-Defamation League, but can't see the genocide in Sudan with a microscope. Nice priorities, guys. They need to update their dictionary too, or maybe realize the free Workers of the World version might be missing some crucial details. Last time I looked, "gulag" was not a synonym for "place where vegetarian meals are hard to get". They make this stuff up, and have the nerve to get upset at the thought of someone lying to them? Fascinating. In a pathological sense.

So we all know the laundry list of reasons Why They Hate Us. The real reason is we are happy and prosperous, and I don't know about you but I rather like it that way and see no reason to change. The only reasons the Media wants to talk about, though, usually boil down to Israel one way or another. How dare we support a country, like us, who doesn't feel like baring its throat to the knife. It makes me wonder, though. All these mosque explosions going on in Pakistan and Iraq and other places. Pretty clear you aren't going to find a lot of the Imperialist oppressors in a mosque, hey? So .... did these unfortunate worshippers support Israel too?

Just asking ....


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