Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Snark

- Did someone replace the brains of everyone in Washington DC with Folger's Crystals?  Because outside of a massive leak in a nitrous oxide factory, I've never seen so much concentrated stupidity in action.  The Democrats seem to think the Constitution doesn't apply to them, and the Republicans keep flopping like gaffed fish.  Someone needs to hire a skywriter to send the message WE HAVE NO MORE MONEY.  How old are these people, and can they actually dress themselves without Velcro?
-Alternate Take: Snarkatron freely admits to having rolled low when generating the Charisma and Diplomacy stats.  Could it be that Speaker Boehner is actually orchestrating the delays on the vote (that he has already been assured by Reid ( the Corpse that Walks Like a Man) and the current occupant of the White House is dead, no go this station, not going to happen bill) to run out the clock on any other option than his?  No idea.  Personally, I think there should be a law allowing every citizen one free smack with a rolled up newspaper, per Representative/Senator, per year.  And I've got a lot of follow-through, just so you know.
-Questions Nobody is Asking about the Norwegian Nut:  So whats-his-face, the guy who thought it would be a good idea for him to slaughter a bunch of kids in the name of European Nationalism, is pretty much a textbook sociopath.  Few friends, inability to get with a female who hasn't been paid LOTS of money, grandiose schemes, fancy uniforms (this last seems to be a European fixation...), and a curious lack of emotional affect that makes him look like a wax dummy.  Can't even be bothered to come up with a completely original manifesto and plagiarizes huge gobs of the UNABOM screed, suitably altered with search and replace.  At first I marveled at modern technology and how quickly the news services had managed to translate the original Norwegian.  Turns out the loon wrote everything in English.  Doesn't that strike *anyone* as a trifle odd?  He's a purported nationalist, after all.  Europe first.  England (don't hit me, Limeys!) is usually not considered Europe by Europeans, and I will not sully the shell-like ears (eyes?) of my precious few readers by what Europeans think of Americans.  So, why?  And it is too cute that his Facebook page got altered *while he was in police custody* to indicate he was a fervent Christian.  I'm not religious myself but I have plenty of friends who are, and all the Christians I know would throw themselves in front of a gunman to save any child, even a Muslim one.  The newsies, however, don't even bother to do the most minimal logic check when it matches their rancid stereotypes.
- Literature:  To take your mind off your troubles (by giving you more) the Bulwer-Lytton 2011 contest winners have been announced!



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You're gonna love this:

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Anonymous DL Sly said...

And, of course, Iowahawk is here to save the day!!

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