Friday, July 22, 2011

Bye-Bye Borders

The mighty Borders Bookstore is no more.  I remember thinking how wonderful they were when I first encountered one.  Lots and lots of books, all different topics, and comfy chairs to browse from.  The staff was friendly and knowledgeable.  Some of the stores even had the same wide range of eclectic music.

The years passed, and I started noticing little things.  A few books I wanted weren't there--they were happy to order them for me, but it would take days and then I'd have to drive *back* and park and all the attendant hassle.  When instead, I could just look it up on Amazon and have it *mailed* to my house in the same amount of time.

Then I noticed there were fewer books on the bookshelves and more plastic toys, mini-Zen-garden kits, and sparkly cards.  Fewer nifty CDs in the music store, and the DVDs were expensive compilations of TV shows I had no interest in.  The staff was less amazing, more pierced, and more political.  Amazon got more and more of my business.

It's sad, like a favorite aunt fading into awkward senility.  The things you loved are gone, and you realize the true death happened long ago.


Anonymous A.v. Mausheim said...

Excellent observations, and quite sadly true about a once-great chain. With the Sea-Tac store closed, I may actually have to subscribe to some of the obscure magazines that I usually frequent when travelling. Not fun.


1:08 PM, July 22, 2011  

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