Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's enough to make you question Darwin

I got a letter today! The envelope just said "Sarah Palin --personal". I know, you didn't know your Humble Snarkatron was on such terms with the Terra from Wasilla. Neither did I. Quite probably neither does Sarah, since it was *really* from the NRC. Even Sarah's enemies agree that she has a distinctive and idiomatic speaking and writing style, none of which was in evidence in this letter. Oh yes, and the return address was Washington DC, not Alaska. My keen scientific mind gloms on to little discrepancies like that.

The envelope contained not one, but TWO pages of direct-mail drivel plus the usual "survey" designed to raise bloodpressure and donation amounts. Because yes, it was ANOTHER request for money. So I did what I usually do, scribble a note and send it back in the prepaid envelope.

"Even assuming you weasels have Sarah Palin's permission to use her name for this stunt, why did you send out two pages of pure drivel that sounds nothing like her? You really do think we are stupid, don't you. Still using the same idiotic and meaningless survey to try and increase panic-driven donations. You still support lousy candidates. I will still send MY money to individual *conservative* candidates. And SarahPAC. Now stop playing games and do something useful. You have a very poor track record of spending money wisely, and poor judgement of candidates. No more Castles, or Scozzafavas! Do you understand?"

What a bunch of idiots.


Anonymous DL Sly said...

Soooo......Mr. DeBille thinks he can detract you from the fact that he's not put up a new Argghhh-o-nauts in how long with a little linky love??? And you're gonna let him?

8:21 AM, October 01, 2010  

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