Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Funnies

-Schlock Mercenary Exactly how do you protect people *without* the scary weapons?
-TwoLumps Don't do drugs, kittens.
-Girl Genius Something is coming up from the sub-basement ...
-No Need For Bushido New comic Monday!
-Delta Bravo Sierra. Chemlight batteries obtained!
-Digger Ed is safe with Ganesha.

Not Updated, fie!

-Dresden Codak
-Lackadaisy (but there is new art, so check it out)
-My Ninja Family
-Gone with the Blastwave
- Looks like SugarButtons forgot to pay the rent on his CONEX, so will we ever see another Argghhh!onauts again? Stay tuned ...


Anonymous BillT said...

A foul canrd -- I paid six months in advance.

The realtor didn't tell me it was gonna be the target for Hellfire practice.

10:22 PM, January 17, 2010  

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