Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Snark Connection

Remember that really neat TV show called "Connections"? Where your wiry little host took you on a journey that somehow connected Queen Victoria's new heliotrope silk dress to sulfa drugs via coal tar?

Well, your humble Snarkatron is going to try to revive the spirit, in an internet setting. There's an awful lot of neat stuff in the tubes and it's easy to miss some without even realizing it.

Submitted for your consideration: James Lileks, blogger and raconteur, who can make an excursion to a rodent-themed pizza parlor as enthralling as the Odyssy. Cast adrift by soulless newspaper executives and told to cover water board meetings and such. A cry as though a million browsing voices (oh hush, it's poetic license) were kicked sharply in the shins rippled o'er (see? poetry!) the Internet.

It's not nice, or wise, to annoy the geeks for they are legion. And lo! Someone engaged the dimensional clutch and shifted us over to a much nicer one where Mr. Lileks is gainfully employed doing what he does best. And he announced the happy news thusly, in a blog entry titled "Ladies and Gentlemen, I has a bucket."

What is this, you say? Mr. Lileks-I-am-not-anal-the-hyphen-goes-HERE-see-Strunk-and-White-page-48-paragraph-two has forgotten the basic elements of subject-verb agreement?

Not at all. He but shows his instinct for the ephemera of this age, much as he does for the past, and is performing a succinct homage.

I present to you: the saga of the Lolrus and his Bukket.

Translation: He's happy ;-)
And now you know ... the rest of the story.


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