Friday, July 08, 2005

The Chicago Way

Oh look, the terrorists are back. I was beginning to think they didn't care about us any more. More likely, they are having problems finding recruits a) sufficiently dumb to conduct these attacks but b) smart enough to read a map. I wonder if the deranged left thinks these bozos now hate the Brits more than they hate Americans ... or maybe, just maybe, they aren't ABLE to blow us up they way they want.

I'm not advocating simple, mindless violence with my title. I'm advocating devious, subtle violence with an extra twist of the knife. So Jihadist Local #236 claims responsibility for detonating office workers and bus riders because of Britain's soldiers in Iraq? Very well. Let the number of British soldiers in Iraq be increased by the same number of dead and wounded from the attack, and should another take place, again take the number of dead and wounded -- and multiply it by five. We'd do the same, of course, if we are attacked. And make sure to tell Al Jazeera and anybody else who will listen that's why those extra soldiers are there.

(If I was Evil Overlord I would not allow any news media to broadcast the "claim of responsibility" until the Jihadist Local #236 had been rounded up, paraded through the streets as an example and a warning, and then sent to the salt mines. Remove the rewards for blowing up innocent civilians, you idiot journalists!)


Blogger Kermit said...

Time to view terror for what it is? Oh my, that's a concept.

But can we wrap it in words that have warm and furry power? How about instead of 'stamping out the Islamofascist Terrorist Bastards', we could create a ground swell of popularity for something like 'sweetening up the Arabian chocolate grumpy chip cookies'?

That way, we might be able to enlist some of the Moonbat Brigade that are (OH, horrible day) begining to feel angst brought on by the misbehavior of a small group of impoverished and uneducated Middle Easterners whose antics have recently crept even into the national media. Perhaps we could send them some Pecan Sandies and Mocha.

Okay - so I keep my day job. Just please don't send these turkeys to the Bog...

Kermit the Green

5:56 AM, July 12, 2005  
Blogger Sgt. B. said...

I rather prefer the description given by a government functionary:

"We shall seperate your head from your body and mount it upon a pike at the city gates, as a warning to others that some deeds come at too high a price. I shall look into your dead eyes, and wave - like this..."

But that's just my Norse heritage coming through...

3:16 PM, July 15, 2005  

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