Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Meritorious Compilation of Lists

Sei Shonagon had some issues with lack of compassion, but she got one thing right. Lists are a good thing. You feel as if you have done your bit in the good fight against Entropy just by writing them down.

The Ways in which I am a Square Peg in a World of Round Holes
  1. Agnostic. I'll be Atheist as soon as I get a proof of the non-existence of God. I've got plenty of morals, too. Nothing against those who find value in religion, as long as they understand that. I'm somewhat concerned about the people who claim the threat of hellfire and lightning are the only reasons they don't go on killing sprees.
  2. Reader of Science Fiction. If you think it is still finned rocket ships and ray guns, you need to get out more. Definitely you need to broaden your reading horizons. How can you be so sure it is bad/juvenile/poorly plotted/et cetera, ad nauseum, if you have never read any of it? The legal term of art here is prejudice. Prejudice bad.
  3. Conservative. For the most part. Voted for Bushes pere and fils, think we are doing a dandy job in Iraq (5000% decrease in the number of people shredded alive!), and really, really want to know why we would listen to the UN on any topic not related to sex trafficking and corruption (where they do seem to have expertise). Stealing the money that is supposed to help the suffering, and then personally making their suffering worse, and the UN has the moral high ground over the US? Not in this universe.
  4. Not rabidly conservative. Doesn't bother me if gays and lesbians want to get married, maybe they can set a good example for the straights that think marriage is some kind of game. It would be nice if we went to a no-double-standards kind of world. You know, where you set the standards for a job, and if a woman/man/genetically modified meerkat can meet the standards, they don't get told they can't do it because they are a woman/man/genetically modified meerkat. And I believe I mentioned already that I'm not religious, so there goes that meme.
  5. Non-watcher of TV. You have no idea how many games of Trivial Pursuit I have lost because of this. Lost badly. It's all the fault of my parents. We didn't have a TV in the house until I was in high school, so I never really got in the habit. We did wild, radical things like READ BOOKS! For pleasure! But I'm kinda on the outside of a lot of popular culture because of it. I'll live. On the plus side, I can cut off my well-meaning liberal friends who dismiss my views with a "Oh, you just say that because Fox told you so" by informing them I never watch it. (c.f. "Beautiful Theory destroyed by Ugly Truth"). (Nope, no talk radio either. Thanks for playing!)
  6. Player of RPG and computer games. Yet another way to make sure you stand out in a crowd -- be a female gamer. And I game because I like it, not to, er, Look for Richard. So to speak.
  7. Tea-drinker. Don't like coffee. Here on the Soggy Coast, that's almost as shocking as voting Republican. Almost. I save boatloads of money this way too. How do they get away with charging multiple dollars for flavored caffeine water?
  8. Like liver. (Not raw, not human. Sheesh!) But fresh, thin, cooked juuuust right .... mm. Delicious.


Blogger Barb said...

Hmmm, doesn't like lima beans, but does like liver. You are indeed complex - LOL! Personally, I dislike them both.

People look at me weird because I work in technology and I am not a gamer. I have no game console, and the last game I bought for the PC was Descent III (which I loved dearly) -- many years ago.

Viva diversity!!

8:09 AM, March 16, 2005  

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