Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Take that! And that!

I have opinions. No, really. Lots of opinions. And one of these opinions is the world would be better off if more people knew about them. (Actually that is a lie. It would be like all known world conflicts rolled into one.) Anyway, I am aware that there are unenlightened folk who don't care what I think. Close the browser and clear your cache, I'll never know. This is just a nice way of collecting all my snarkish thoughts on the web so when someone (foolishly) expresses an interest in my world view, I can wave a languid hand in the manner of a bejeweled society matron summoning her chauffeur, and say "read my blog." Bwahahah. I believe, after the giddy rush of new-blog-smell has died down, I will list some of my more, shall we say, contentious views for easy reference.


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