Thursday, January 05, 2012

Snark Dim Sum

Dim Sum, I have been informed, translates as "little treasures" or some such.  I have a valid Literary License, so don't judge me!

-Signs of Real Hope: At a bookstore, prominently displayed for sale, a "NoBama" 2012 calendar.  In SEATTLE!  I swearz! If it can happen here...

-Signs of Continuing Idiocy: The initiative to assimilate my neighborhood into the Greater Co-Prosperity Sphere of the nearby town was defeated.  However, some dim bulbs think they want to try again THIS year, because obviously we didn't understand the issues.  (The only issue I need to understand is the neighboring town wants my money.)  I think it is time for some pitchforks to come out for cleaning.

-Signs of Spring: I have a primrose blooming in my yard.  Actually blooming, in January.  If I can get home during the 3 hours of daylight, I will photograph it as proof.  If this be Global Warming, bring me more!

-Signs of Apathy: Why are all the top Republican candidates various shades of vanilla-flavored styrofoam?  (I don't count RonPaul, only humans are eligible to be President).  I want more shin-kicking and less bloviating.  That applies to you too, Speaker Boehner.

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