Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Proud Journalistic Tradition

It's a horrific, tragic story. Five people dead in a murder-suicide in Victoria, BC.

Here's how the first headline read: "Multiple Bodies Found in Upscale Home in Victoria Suburb". Okay, I guess we are supposed to realize rich people can get murdered too.

Then more information came to light: "Child, 6, among 5 bodies found". They make sure to tell you a gun was not involved. This is Canada, after all. Not America. They are still dead, though.

There were other articles, the links to which have hidden themselves, where it transpired there was a nasty divorce going on, a dispute about who got the million dollar house, and the odd protection order here and there. Sadly, a well-traveled trope. Strong emotions, the polarity suddenly flips, people die.

Today, the headline is this: "Canadian Military Reservist Blamed for Death of Five". Come on, MSM. Why don't you just admit it? You seem to think the wearing of a uniform, even CANADA's uniform (please don't hit me Alan put the canoe paddle DOWN hit them it was them, they did it!) automatically transforms even a mild-mannered reservist into a raging killbot. The whole article is suddenly rich with military detail (it was very rude of the guy not to shoot his family--mucks up the narrative, and makes people ask awkward questions about murderers murdering with whatever weapon is handy. We are trying to establish that only GUNS kill people! Get with the program!)

Yes, the deranged estranged husband story is a bit stale to your jaded tastes; you've seen it so many times before. When you could add a military angle, though, your interest revived. Never mind the innocent people he killed with his non-gun. Not a story. Dipping a military uniform in their blood? You're all over that like ugly on a bear. Disgusting.


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